Download the Wilkes East Neighborhood Spring 2021 Newsletter here!

Download the Wilkes East Neighborhood Spring 2021 Newsletter here! Wilkes East Neighborhood, Gresham Oregon USA. Diversity, Harmony, Community- Together 'WE' can make a difference.

2021 Spring Newsletter

"Diversity, Harmony, Community -
Together 'WE' can make a difference!”

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Inside This Issue:

  • Downtown Rockwood Arrives
  • Albertina Kerr Housing Update
  • Wilkes East Land-Use Update
  • Reporting Livability Issues
  • Hazardous Spills, Who To Call
  • Neighborhood Tree Outreach

Download your copy here. (includes active web links)

Newsletters are a regular publication of the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association. They are hand-delivered to over 1,500 residences and businesses in our area 3 times per year, timed to correspond with our regular meetings.

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Wilkes East residents are encouraged to submit articles and tips for the newsletter. Articles should be limited to 300-500 words and may be subject to editing Include a related photo. Send by email to, or by postal mail to: 17104 NE Oregon St • Portland OR 97230.

Volunteers Needed
Newsletters are hand-delivered to Wilkes East residents and businesses by neighborhood volunteers. There are always routes that need delivery people. Routes are small and many. We can always use your help.
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