Gresham Fire & Rescue visits Capri Terrace Spring 2010 Neighborhood Watch meeting

Gresham Fire visits Capri Terrace Spring 2010 Neighborhood Watch meeting held Mar 14, 2010
Gresham Fire visits Capri Terrace
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Firemen speak to Watch Group about home safety

Neighbors enjoy "Daffodil & Springtime" luncheon

Capri Terrace Spring Meeting

Great turn out for their first quarterly meeting of the year. 41 members, 5 firemen along with 1 new household joined the Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch Group. Several of our families had phoned indicating they were making an early start on Spring Break and were disappointed to miss the event.

Gresham Fire sent a big beautiful truck with their team to talk to us about home safety and were very gracious in answering many questions. They brought plenty of useful and informative materials to hand out including several new home CO detectors which were raffled during their presentation.

Billy & Laurie Simmon’s along with their twin daughters Alex & Andi hosted a lovely Daffodil & Springtime luncheon/dinner. Irish-Swiss Stew was prepared for the occasion along with a huge offering of salads, Shamrock/Easter cakes, pies and cupcakes by group members. Potluck's are a great way to meet neighbors and a lot of fun too!

Wilkes East Update

Kris Freiermuth gave a WEna report of activities of our Neighborhood Association (NA) and an update of NADAKA Nature Park. The finalization of the purchase of the Nelson Property (south of Nadaka) has been achieved and is quite an accomplishment in our present economic environment. A schedule of Clean-Up dates for the park was made available to the group.

Zero Crime in Capri Terrace

Glenn Mathews Watch Coordinator gave an update of the happenings in our Watch area, which were relatively ZERO. He reminded members to check out the WENA website for a link on the home page to

Glenn recapped the things we need to continue to do;

  • porch lights on,
  • motion lights kept fresh,
  • locking your car doors,
  • don’t leave anything valuable in the car or around your property,
  • a walk through the neighborhood periodically,
  • and be alert to new people in the area.
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He indicated we must be doing something right so “let's keep it up!”


  • We will have the vehicle speed monitor for 1 day in late spring. It will be stationed near the intersection of NE 169th and Oregon. Anyone wishing to help with this project is encouraged to contact Glenn Mathews.
  • Billy Simmon’s announced the Capri Terrace Annual Garage Sale is scheduled for July 9 & 10th.
  • WENA Annual Clean-Up with SOLV/METRO will be also in July, so start preparing.
    (The exact date will be announced soon)

Food Drive, A Huge Success!

As a community service project Andi Simmons contacted members to bring food items for the local food pantry. She was overwhelmed with a half a dozen large boxes, which weighed out at 450 lbs of staples and canned items along with some cash to purchase more.

Andi Simmons' Food Drive donations Mar 14, 2010
Andi's Food Drive donations
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Andi said "I loved the final outcome of my project. I was so pleased with the 450 pounds of food that was collected and all the help I got from the neighbors. The number of people that supported me in this project was so much more than I had expected. The most fun part about doing my food drive was shopping for the food with the donated funds."

Great job Andi and neighbors for your generosity!

Next meeting

Next Capri Terrace Watch Meeting will be held in June in the NE 167th cul-de-sac at Daphne & Glenn Mathews home (Watch website for date & time).

Learn more

For more information about this Watch Group or about forming your own group contact Glenn & Daphne Mathew, Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch coordinators, 503-257-3111, email:

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Neighbors receive excellent home safety tips
Neighbors receive excellent home safety tips
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Gresham Fire & Rescue Q&A session
Gresham Fire & Rescue Q&A session
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CO detectors donated by Gresham Fire & Rescue
Detectors donated by Gresham Fire & Rescue
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Kris Freiermuth WENA President gives Wilkes East update
Kris Freiermuth WENA President gives NA update
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Neighborhood Watcher image
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Neighbors enjoy a robust group discussion
Neighbors enjoy a robust group discussion
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