Speeding on NE 172nd Ave Raises Concerns About Pedestrian Safety Near Middle School

Speeding on NE 172nd Ave Raising Concerns About Pedestrian Safety Near Middle School. Info here!
NE 172nd Avenue at NE Clackamas St, Gresham, Oregon

By Sheena Raab
Wilkes East Resident

Neighbors have been increasingly aware of the on-going high speed traffic on NE 172nd Avenue, as well as cars cutting through cross streets such as Wasco, Pacific, and Oregon. In the past, efforts have been made by past WENA councils to address the issues with the City of Gresham. Traffic measures have been put into place such as the speed advisory signs that flash during school hours. The fact remains that many of us, including myself, are concerned for pedestrian safety in our neighborhood, especially after a sedan crashed into the school yard of H.B. Lee Middle School this past fall.

On January 10, 2021, Chris Strong, Transportation Manager of the City of Gresham and Stacy Talus, Vice Principal of H.B. Lee Middle School joined the WENA board meeting to discuss concerns and options. Mr. Strong advised those present that more information would need to be gathered and a discussion would need to be opened with the Fire Department and City Emergency Services which use NE 172nd as an emergency route for call outs. He stated he would have his team collect traffic data to determine the average speed on the street to see if the current situation would meet the criteria for consideration to install any additional traffic calming measures, such as speed humps.

We are hopeful that Mr. Strong will be able to provide an updated report on his team’s findings and advise us of the next steps our community can take.

Please join us for our March Neighborhood Association Meeting to continue the discussion on our shared concerns and possible solutions.

NE 172nd Ave Summary Comparison courtesy of the City of Gresham,Transportation Division:

Northbound Volume 1382 1419
Northbound Average Speed 29 26
Northbound 85th Percentile Speed 34 32
Southbound Volume 1201 1330
Southbound Average Speed 28 25
Southbound 85th Percentile Speed 34 31

View the full January 2022 NE 172nd Avenue traffic study.