Albertina Kerr Workforce and Inclusive Housing Project Update, February 2020

Albertina Kerr Workforce and Inclusive Housing Project Update, February 2020. Gresham campus. Construction starts August 2020. Completion September 2021. Info here!
Albertina Kerr Workforce and Inclusive Housing. Entry, Gresham campus. Click to enlarge.

By: Jeff Carr
CEO, Albertina Kerr

Albertina Kerr continues to move forward and make progress on its Workforce and Inclusive Housing Project to be located on the Gresham campus at 722 NE 162 Avenue. The project will include 150 units, from studios to 3 bedrooms. Since the November Wilkes East Neighborhood meeting where a presentation was made, significant progress has been made:

  • Site due diligence was completed in December 2019 (Geotech, surveying, arborist report)
  • A Design Review Consult was completed with the City of Gresham Community Design Review Committee in December 2019
  • 100% Schematic Design was completed in early January 2020
    Submittals were completed for land use review in early January 2020
  • Albertina Kerr hit the $1 million private fundraising mark in December 2020 and only needs $200,000 more in private donations to hit the total goal of $1.2 million in private donations.

One significant change since the November meeting is that we have decided to pursue making the building “net zero” from an energy use standpoint, which means we will be adding enhancements to make the entire building more energy efficient and producing energy via solar panels to provide enough energy to operate the entire building year-round.

The current timeline for the project is as follows:

Goal Date
Complete 100% schematic design January-2020 - Done
Submit for land use January-2020 - Done
Complete 50% design development February-2020
Land use public hearing March-2020
Complete 100% design development April-2020
Update hard cost & proforma May-2020
Land use approval May-2020
Submit for building permit May-2020
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) July-2020
Permit Issued August-2020
Construction Start August-2020
Construction Complete September-2021

We continue to be excited about this project and what it will mean for direct care workers at Albertina Kerr and others who care for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Architect Images

Alberina Kerr Workforce and Inclusive Housing. Gresham campus. NE 162nd Ave view. Click to enlarge
NE 162nd Ave view. Click to enlarge
Alberina Kerr Workforce and Inclusive Housing. Greshma campus. NE Holladay St view. Click to enlarge
NE Holladay St view. Click to enlarge

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