Neighborhood Watch groups hold Fall 2008 meetings; increase members

Boris the Burglar-National Neighborhood Watch info

Pacific Drive and Capri Terrace groups hold Fall meetings

Pacific Drive Neighborhood Watch

The Pacific Drive Neighborhood Watch Group met Saturday November 15th at Art & Gail Abbott’s home. Several households were represented and 3 households were added. The group heard a presentation from Glenn Mathew’s about observing and current 'non-activity' in their area.

Click here for Pacific Drive boundary information.

Kris Freiermuth attended representing the WENA Board and gave an update on upcoming events such as the upcoming Nadaka Park Clean-Up this December (date to be announced), WENA Semi-Annual Meeting next February 16th, and activities in conjunction with the Gresham Police regarding the criminal activity at the corner of NE 162nd & NE Glisan.

The group talked about future meetings & activities including a summer Block Party. Refreshments were served.

Capri Neighborhood Watch

15 Households and about 35 adults and 5 young people met at the Kevin Hansen home for “Soups On.” Desserts and salads were added to Tammy Hanson’s wonderful homemade soups (great for the beautiful Fall day!).

Glenn Mathews, Watch Coordinator, gave an update of the happenings in our Watch area, which were relatively ZERO. Glenn suggested members check out the website, to follow crimes in the Gresham area. The group requested this website address be added to the Wilkes East Neighborhood website.

Glenn also recapped those things we need to continue to do:

  • porch lights on
  • motion lights kept fresh
  • locking your car doors
  • don’t leave anything valuable in the car or around your property
  • walk through the neighborhood periodically
  • and, be alert to new people in the area

Glenn says "we must be doing something right, so --- let's keep it up!"

Click here for Capri Terrace boundary information.

It was decided to have an additional Neighborhood Watch sign installed on NE Oregon St at NE 172nd Ave, and to add an small sign under the Neighborhood Watch sign saying, “ACTIVE --- Eyes are on You”

Much praise was given Bob Lundbom, WENA’s webmaster, (who as it happens was out of town) on the great job he does with the website!

Kris Freiermuth reported WENA news from the Board...

  • The WENA Semi-Annual meeting will be held February 16, 2009 7:00PM at H B Lee Middle School, 1121 NE 172nd Ave, Gresham OR. There will be a presentation from the City of Gresham Transportation Department regarding possible traffic management for NE 172nd Ave at NE Halsey St with 'some kind of light', and some ideas on how to manage speeding along NE 172nd Ave. Kris says the Gresham Fire Marshall does not want speed bumps along this street -- as it is a direct arterial from the fire station on NE Halsey St and the North section of the Wilkes East neighborhood
  • A speed monitor is being planned for NE Oregon St at NE 172nd Ave. Anyone wishing to help with this project is encouraged to contact Glenn Mathews at
  • Everyone was reminded that WENA will be having another Neighborhood Clean-Up with METRO in July 2009 --- so start preparing
  • And, another Clean-Up for Nadaka Park is planned for this December

Next Capri Terrace Watch Meeting will be in March 2009 most likely around St Patrick’s Day (exact date to be announced). It will be hosted at the Simmons' and the Freiermuth’s will provided their traditional Swiss-Irish Stew.

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