Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch: Observation Skills Video

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Crime happens fast!

Will you remember the details?

Watch this video

Don't Become A Victim

Bad guys are always looking for an easy target. Did you know that most crimes occurs in plain sight, without anyone being aware?

This "Observation Skills" video, recorded during a recent Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch meeting, can teach you simple techinques to help protect yourself! Watch closely as these neighbors are put-to-the-test. Did you see the crime occur? What did these neighbors observed and remember? Their responses just might suprise you!

Tips for a crime-free neighborhood

  • Look-out for each other
  • Trim overgrown shrubs aways from buildings
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting
  • Deny opportunity

Fighting Crime, One Block At A Time

Neighborhood Watch depends on citizen involvement to prevent and discourage crime. You're not asked to take personal risks, only to serve as extra “eyes and ears” and to report information on crimes and suspicious activities promptly.

Neighborhood Watch groups in your area

To locate a Wilkes East Neighborhood Watch group in your area contact Lee Dayfield, Kris Freiermuth, or email

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