Escalating illegal drug sales at Glisan Center hurting area businesses

Drug dealers outside ZLB Plasma Services impact Glisan Center businesses

Glisan Center
NE 162nd Ave & NE Glisan St

Drug dealers outside ZLB Plasma Services are driving away Glisan Center customers. Local merchants frustrated by the lack of help

Drug dealing rampant

Illegal drug sales outside of ZLB Plasma Services located at the Glisan Center 16225 NE Glisan St, continue to impact the surrounding businesses and their customers at this west Gresham shopping center. First reported in May, customers of DeLeon's Tortilleria Y Tienda have complained of drug dealers approaching them in the Glisan Center parking lot. Still, after numerious complaints to the Gresham Police little is being done to solve the problem. In fact, illegal drugs sales in the Glisan Center parking lot has soared.

Crowds, money, and idle time - the perfect opportunity

Since its opening ZLB Plasma Services has attracted a less-than desirable clientele to the area who come to donate blood in exchange for money. Some donors walk to the plasma center, some donors take public transportation, but many donors drive their cars- at times filling the parking lot to capacity and forcing other Glisan Center business customers to search for parking. When visiting ZLB Plasma Services many donors loiter outside the plasma center on the building sidewalk, waiting, talking, and smoking. A prime opportunity for drug dealers to mingle unnoticed. At times the loitering crowd spills-over in front of neighboring merchants intimidating their customers and hurting business.

Lack of responsibility

The most recent incident occured October 8th when customers of DeLeon's Tortilleria Y Tienda complained to store managers that drug deals were taking place in front of the plasma center. DeLeon's store managers contacted the plasma center to notify them of the escalating problem and the impact this illegal activity is having on their business. The plasma center staffer that DeLeon's spoke with admitted they are aware of the drug deals taking place, but refused to address the situation with their donors. DeLeon's store manager says the plasma center's lack of responsibility is driving their grocery customers away.

Where's the police?

Since last spring, calls for help to the Gresham Police from several Glisan Center merchants about this ongoing problem appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Bob Muse, Glisan Center property manager, said "if this activity was going on in front of Fred Meyer or City Hall, the police would set up survelliance and/or stings. Surely, if customers can spot the drug deals, the police should be able to spot this activity as well". Muse says the Glisan Center tenants are predominantly Hispanic, and wonders if their complaints are the subject of discrimination?

Frustrated with the current situation, Muse has contacted the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association and Sherry Connolly, Crime Prevention Department, City of Gresham, seeking immediate help with this matter.

How you can help

If you know of individuals selling illegal drugs at the Glisan Center you're urged to call the Gresham Police non-emergency phone at (503) 823-3333. The public is being asked to report any suspicious activity at the shopping center by calling 911 immediately. Together, we can make a difference!

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