Cub Scouts Join October 2009 Nadaka Nature Park Clean-Up

Cub Scouts Join October 2009 Nadaka Nature Park Clean-Up
Cub Scouts Pack #740 at Nadaka
Park Cleanup. Click to enlarge

Cub Scouts remove vines and invasives as part of four Community Service projects to earn a special award.

By Lorraine Strahlmann
(Wilkes East resident. Jan 8, 2010)

If you were a young lad, where would you and your buddies be on an October Saturday morning? If you guessed Gresham Youth Football practice, this time you are wrong.

On this particular day, five (5) Cub Scouts from Gresham Pack #740 were hard at work helping clean Nadaka Nature Park of invasive plants, trees and vines.

With parental supervision the Cubs pushed wheelbarrows they filled with debris to a waiting yard waste bin provided by the City of Gresham.

In addition to other volunteers young and not-so-young the Cubs on site were Daniel Hutchins, Nathan Fogelsong, Tyler Linch, and brothers Ben & Nick Louvern.

The pride of Wilkes East Neighborhood Nadaka Park clean-up is one of four (4) environmental projects of Community Service for which these youngsters will receive a special award patch to display on their uniforms.

The City of Gresham, Wilkes East Neighborhood Assn., and The Friends of Nadaka salutes these youngsters for helping to keep our city and neighborhood beautiful.