Capri Terrace holds Fall 2009 Neighborhood Watch meeting, hears 911 presentation.

Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch meeting held Nov 8, 2009
Capri Terrace Fall 2009 meeting
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911 presentation highlights meeting

Neighbors enjoy hot soup & warm conversation on a brisk Fall day

911 Visits Capri Terrace

The topic for the Capri Terrace neighborhood watch was "when to call 911 vs., the non-emergency number".

About 35 people attended the Fall meeting held Nov 8th. A spokesperson from the Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC), Melanie Payne (Training and Development) gave the "do's and dont's" for using the 911 system. Melanie did a great job informing everyone about how the system works. She also stressed that kids need to know their address as early on as possible. People need to know when to use the non-emergency number: (503) 823-3333. "911" should only be used when the situation involves saving a Life, stopping a crime in progress, or reporting a fire.

Kevin and Tammy Hanson did a great job hosting. Just in time for Fall there were two large pots of soup, salad, and an assortment of deserts for everyone to enjoy. Bus and Donna Gibson were recognized for their 50th wedding anniversary (congratulations to the both of you)! Daphne Mathew celebrated her birthday too and was serenaded with a round of "Happy Birthday" from all. It was good to see everyone conversing, celebrating and updating each other on current events throughout the neighborhood.

Glenn Mathew, Capri Terrace neighrhood watch coordinator, spoke about the importantance of porch lights. This is especially true for neighborhoods to help identify traffic (vehicle or foot) who are coming from outside our neighborhood. Lighting helps us keep an eye on people that are unfamiliar to the area. Glenn also mentioned that we have three new neighborhood watch signs (below), two have been replaced at 167th Place, the other sign at 169th and Oregon. The third one will be posted at Oregon and 174th as soon as a location is acquired. These upgraded signs have a 3M reflecting coating which is visible to oncoming headlights. Glenn also noted that each Neighborhood Watch sign pole has a 5' and 6' hash mark on them to help indentify height of foot traffic.

A special "thanks" to Melanie for bringing prizes to give away. "Drawings will be done at neighborhood watch meetings from now on. It's just a fun element I'd like to add", Glenn said.

See website calendar for meeting announcements.

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Glenn & Daphne Mathew, Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch coordinators, 503-257-3111, email:

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Event Photos

Capri Terrace neighbors listen to presentations
Capri Terrace neighbors listen to presentations. Click to enlarge

Glenn Mathew, Coordinator & Kris Freiermuth WENA President
Glenn Mathew, & Kris Freiermuth WENA President. Click to enlarge

Neighbors enjoying the afternoon conversation.
Neighbors enjoying the afternoon conversation.
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Old & New style watch signs
Old & New style "watch" signs. Click to enlarge

Two new watch signs to be added
Two new "watch" signs to be added. Click to enlarge

Height marks added to sign posts
"Height marks" added to sign posts.
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Presentation video (2:00)
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Neighborhood Watcher image