Capri Terrace Car Prowl Alert, Oct 2008

Car prowler ransacks vehicles in Capri Terrace. Valuables stolen

Car prowler ransacks vehicles in Capri Terrace. Valuables stolen

Prowler ransacks vehicles

Friday night October 17, 2008 several neighbors in the Capri Terrace area of west Gresham (NE 167th, north of NE Glisan) were victims of car prowls, including ransacking and theft.

One lucky neighbor reported that motion sensor lighting and the car's alarm scared the perpetrator(s) away from their vehicle before the prowler could gain access.

Don't be a victim

Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch coordinator Glenn Mathew said "items we leave in our car might not be of great value to us, but beware that to the criminal, when they see anything (big or small) it is reason enough to commit a crime". Mathew recommends that loose change, CD’s, MP3 players, bags and boxes, even coats not be visable through your car windows.

Keep your eyes open

The best deterrent to neighborhood crime is an active Neighborhood Watch group.

Mathew says "the next time you have a few extra minutes observe your 'turf'. Take a quick inventory of your surroundings. If you notice something that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes the hair your neck raise, it’s suspicious! Call 911 immediately and report it!"

WIlkes East Neighborhood residents are encouraged to report neighborhood crime to Glenn Mathew at, or email details to Together we can make a difference!

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