Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; Jun 1st Construction Update

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham. Phase I; Jun 1st Construction Update. Info here!

Phase I; Jun 1st Construction Update
A message to our neighbors from Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr:


As promised, it was a quieter week, the fiberglass windows with the safety glass got installed in the new Residence (right, background).

Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; May 23rd Construction Update; Subacute facility tak3s shape. Click to enlarge.
Albertina Kerr, Subacute facility (foreground)

The safety glass is designed to withhold (5) 50lb drops of a steel ball. The State (of Oregon) was by to walk through the new Residence and everyone is very excited to see it come to fruition. The Subacute addition (right foreground) is framed-in and the interior walls are up. It's becoming quite the space. Been working with everyone on interior colors and finishes, will have them buttoned up here in the next couple of weeks. Always a good sign there is an end in sight, as getting the finishes/color in is one of the last things to do.

This next week expect:

  • The Residence to be water tight with the windows and siding finished
  • Begin plywood and sheetrock install on inside of Residence
  • Roofing and exterior finishes going on Subacute addition
  • The Louise will be quiet for a while as we are done with the interior demo and waiting on approval for next steps.

All the dramatic drama is pretty much over, at least until the end of this month when we start to finish up the site work.

A heads-up to Subacute, tie in to existing equipment (plumbing, electrical, mechanical/furnace, fire system, etc.) is going to be starting in earnest in the next couple of weeks. I am sorry to say this will be a big inconvenience, as it will means guys in the hallways (mainly therapist hallway but gym hallway also) and some noise. The residence wings will remain free of physical disturbance but circulation throughout the building will be impacted. There is no reason to panic, this is just a heads up it is on the way. I don't have any specifics yet but as soon as I do we will be working through scheduling and all the other issues to make it as convenient and painless as we possibly can. If you need any incentive to get you through this next part, just go out and look at the addition. It is going to be fabulous!

No changes in parking this next week and there remains parking available up and around the Louise Building.

One more week down, only nine more to go!

Any questions, issues, concerns, please let me know.

Pam Krecklow
Albertina Kerr

More Info
For more info contact Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr, at 503-869-2596.


Construction on a new sub-acute care addition, and a new residential facility, began in March at Albertina Kerr Centers Gresham Campus, 722 NE 162nd Ave. Work on the project is expected to be completed in July.

The 6,000 square feet of new space, a new exercise area and parking lot improvements will allow the facility to serve approximately 25% more children and families.

Since 1997, Albertina Kerr Centers has operated a youth crisis psychiatric facility on its Gresham Campus.

The 24-bed facility has benefited over 4,000 children experiencing severe mental health challenges and their families over the past 15 years and is the only facility of its type in the State of Oregon.

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