Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; May 16th Construction Update

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham. Phase I; May 12th Construction Update. Info here!

Phase I; April May 12th Construction Update
A message to our neighbors from Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr:


I see the weather is not going to hold over the weekend but doesn't matter as we have roofing on the new residence. We also have a squeaky clean Louise Building with no asbestos anywhere, although there are no interior walls either. Plus the well is decommissioned. What more can a girl ask for, other than having the well trucks removed, that is? Another fruitful week that keeps us moving forward.

Albertina Kerr Expansion Phase I, May 16, 2014 Update: New Resident's Facility takes shape. Click to enlarge.
Albertina Kerr, New Residents Facility
Albertina Kerr Expansion Phase I, May 16, 2014 Update: Sub-Acute Facility framing begins. Click to enlarge.
Albertina Kerr, New SubAcute Facility

Next week's activities include:

  • More hammering as we continue to frame interior and exterior of both buildings
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical rough in's
  • Delivery of windows for the residence and roof trusses for Subacute

We ran into some trouble with the core drills that attempted to happen today (Friday) but didn't. So will be trying again next week with a different method. As I know more about times and days I will pass that information along.

I know Subacute had some issues with noise this last week and we have shifted the saws to attempt to keep the noise level down. The good news is we are done with work on the existing building plus we have completed the concrete sawing both were very loud and disrupting. It is my hope the noise level stays down from here on out.

We are going to need to start equipment tie in at Subacute here in the next couple of weeks. Andersen and I are trying to come up with a plan to keep everyone out of the gym but if you do hear noise in the ceiling, it is not pests, only guys tying into the existing furnace, air conditioning, fire, and plumbing systems. I have asked about equipment shut down times but am being told most systems won't need to shut down. But we all know how that goes. Stay tuned for daily announcements as we move forward.

Hoping to open up more parking now that well is decommissioned and work in that area is completed. Plus once all the trusses get on site the really big trucks should not be coming to campus any more. I do promise it will quiet down here real soon. Besides we will be officially half way done end of next week! Sounds like a party in the making to me. Anyone have any good ideas let me know.

As always if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let me know.

Pam Krecklow
Albertina Kerr

More Info
For more info contact Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr, at 503-869-2596.


Construction on a new sub-acute care addition, and a new residential facility, began in March at Albertina Kerr Centers Gresham Campus, 722 NE 162nd Ave. Work on the project is expected to be completed in July.

The 6,000 square feet of new space, a new exercise area and parking lot improvements will allow the facility to serve approximately 25% more children and families.

Since 1997, Albertina Kerr Centers has operated a youth crisis psychiatric facility on its Gresham Campus.

The 24-bed facility has benefited over 4,000 children experiencing severe mental health challenges and their families over the past 15 years and is the only facility of its type in the State of Oregon.

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