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Taking A Bite Out Of Crime,
One Block At A Time

Start your own Neighborhood Watch

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch

The benefits are many… beyond preventing crime and reducing fear, Neighborhood Watch (NW) builds pride, forges bonds among block residents - by really getting to know and look out for neighbors, improves citizen-police relations, and can address other block issues and concerns like child safety, youth development, senior citizen welfare, and quality-of-life.

Neighborhood Watch depends on citizen involvement to prevent and discourage crime. You're not asked to take personal risks, only to serve as extra “eyes and ears” and to report information on crimes and suspicious activities promptly.

Neighborhood Watch groups in your area

To locate a Wilkes East Neighborhood Watch group in your area, or to start a new group, contact neighborhood association members Lee Dayfield at, or Kris Freiermuth at

What is Neighborhood Watch?

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a highly successful effort that has been in existence for more than thirty years in cities and counties across America. It provides a unique infrastructure that brings together local officials, law enforcement and citizens to protect our communities.

Around the country, neighbors for three decades have banded together to create Neighborhood Watch programs. They understand that the active participation of neighborhood residents is a critical element in community safety

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