Backyard Burning Information

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Can I Burn?

Call the daily burning information hotline: (503) 618-3083

Residents who live east of approximately 182nd Avenue are allowed to burn yard debris on specific days. Backyard burning is only allowed within the city limits of Gresham (and outside the DEQ Burn Ban Area) 10 authorized days in the Spring: March 1-June 15, and 10 authorized days in the Fall: October 1-December 15. Authorized burn days are announced on a daily burn line during the seasonal burn periods. Call the daily burning information hotline: (503) 618-3083 for details.

For complete Backyard, Agricultural, Open, and Recreational burning information click here.

Backyard Burning

Those outside the Gresham City limits but within the jurisdiction of Gresham Fire & Emergency Services and outside the DEQ Burn Ban area may burn on Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) authorized burn days. All authorized burn days are announced on a daily burn line during the seasonal burn periods.

Backyard Burn permits are not required. Just call the above telephone number and listen to the recorded message to see if burining is allowed on the day you wish to burn. The burn message is updated daily, so be sure to call before lighting any backyard fires.

Burning Restrictions

No person is allowed to conduct any burning that:

  • Unreasonably interferes with enjoyment of life or property
  • Creates a public or private nuisance
  • Is a hazard to safety

The following non-inclusive materials cannot be burned at any time, anywhere in the State of Oregon:

  • Rubber products
  • Tires
  • Plastic
  • Garbage
  • Petroleum & petroleum-treated materials
  • Asphalt or industrial waste
  • Any material that creates dense smoke or noxious odors
  • Construction Materials
  • Stumps

Alternatives to burning

You can compost your debris and recycle it into useful garden supplement. For "How-To" information call Metro's Recycling Switchboard at (503) 234-3000, or visit Metro's Natural Gardening and Composting website.

Violation of safe burning regulations or air quality regulations may be subject to citation and/or fines from the City of Gresham and DEQ. Property owners may be held liable for costs relating to firefighting or damage to neighboring property or structures as a result of unsafe burning practices.

Gresham Backyard Burn Dates Announced

Backyard burning within the Gresham City limits east of 181st Avenue is restricted to 10 select days in the spring and 10 select days in the fall each year.

The fall 2007 dates have been announced by the Fire Marshal are as follows:

November 2007 December 2007
Nov. 3 Dec. 1
Nov. 7 Dec. 4
Nov. 11 Dec. 7
Nov. 15 Dec. 9
Nov. 17
Nov. 20

These dates are tentative pending approval by Department of Environmental Quality as burn days. If DEQ restricts burning on any of these days, alternate days will be selected and announced on the daily burn line.