Fraud Alert: Home Alarm Sales

Beware: Door-to-Door Home Alarm sales

Wilkes East resident Wayne Palmiter reported Aug 7th, 2007 a woman was in the Capri Terrace neighborhood canvassing for possible Alarm sites. The women claimed to be a representative of Honeywell Alarm Systems Division. When contacted Honeywell said "they do not do business in the way the woman described."

The unidentified women said she was seeking residents who would let them install the alarm system at "no charge" to use as a reference base. When questioned, the women said that she did not have a business card, and that she would "come back tomorrow" with more information. As of Aug 14th the women as not returned.

The incident was reported to the City of Gresham Fraud Division, and the Multnomah County Sheriff.

Tip: If you see persons in your neighborhood that you don’t recognize, ask if you can help them; especially if they have a clip board or portfolio.

If you know anything about this incident you're asked to call the Gresham Police at (503) 823-3333, contact WENA, or email