WENA Annual Meeting / Neighborhood Faire: Aug 27

08/27/2007 - 6:00pm
08/27/2007 - 7:30pm

Monday, August 27, 2007
7:00pm - 8:30pm
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
17405 NE Glisan Street

Be sure to save Monday, August 27th at 7:00 PM for WENA’s Annual Meeting & Neighborhood Faire. This meeting will be held at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 17405 NE Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon.

The agenda will include election of officers, By-law changes to add the Land-Use Committee and Communication Committee, plus some lively discussion.

Mark your calendar for this exciting meeting.

See you there!

Wilkes East Neighborhood Association (WENA)
Neighborhood Fair - Agenda

  • Welcome
    Brian Heerwagen, President WENA
  • Introduction of Officers
    • Brian Heerwagen, President
    • Kris Freiermuth, Vice President
    • Daphne Matthew, Secretary/Treasurer
    • Lee Dayfield, Land Use
  • Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis
    • (Tentative) Reorganization of Citizen Involvement
    • (Tentative) Why have Neighborhood Associations
  • State of Affairs: Wilkes East
    • History of Neighborhood Associations in Gresham
    • Focus on: Capri Terrace
      • Neighborhood Clean Up
      • Community Garage Sale
      • Neighborhood Watches
        Safety, communication, Power to make a difference for land use, crime, parks, etc.
  • Nadaka Park
    • Motion and vote on removal of fence on Pacific Street
  • Nomination of Officers
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Land Use
  • By-Laws Change
    • Vote to approve amendments as proposed
  • Guest Speakers
    • Speakers present their booths (one minute each)

Scheduled Guests and Topics

  • Brenda Butler
    Neighborhood Watch
    Information concerning forming Watch groups in your neighborhood

  • Kathy Harrington
    Find out how to manage Graffiti<

  • Kelle Landavazo
    Map Your Neighborhood & Citizens Police Academy
    Emergency planning for our neighborhoods

  • Ric Catron
    Gresham Parks Planner
    Future projects for our Parks & Recreation

  • Adela Genoves,
    Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator
    Nadaka Park Removal of fence

  • Tamara Driscoll
    Department of Environmental Service
    Come & find out about Freeze your Grease

  • Sandra Doubleday
    Transportation Planner
    Street Connectivity Study & Future Street Plan

  • Anndy Wiselogle
    East Metro Mediation Services
    Solving problems between people

  • Gresham Tree Preservation Committee
    The importance of Trees in our neighborhoods & in our lives

  • Johnson Creek Watershed Council
    Preservations & enhancement of this vital resource

  • Joseph Shockley
    Oregon Chapter of the American Red Cross
    Overall preparedness, disaster, fire, CPR, blood and platelet donation