Albertina Kerr Workforce & Inclusive Housing Update July 2020

Albertina Kerr Workforce & Inclusive Housing Update July 2020. Info here!
Albertina Kerr Workforce & Inclusive housing project. NE Holladay at NE 162nd Ave, Gresham. Click to enlarge

Jeff Carr, CEO Albertina Kerr

Since the last update I shared in this newsletter a lot has changed in our world with the onset of the Coronavirus. While this has delayed our timeline somewhat, we have continued the planning and development process and the following progress has been made:

  • Albertina Kerr has exceeded our private fundraising goal of $1.2 million
  • Albertina Kerr submitted our application to the City of Gresham Metro Housing Bond NOFA on June 3rd and expect to receive notifi-cation of awards in late July/August. The funds Albertina Kerr has requested from the City of Gresham are the final piece of the financing necessary for the project to be constructed.
  • Approval for the project was received from the City of Gresham Design Review Commission on June 3rd.
  • Drawings were submitted the last week of June to begin the permit review process.
  • The project has incorporated design innovations that will enable it to be “net zero”, which means we will produce all the energy needed to power the entire building on site through solar panels. This will be a significant accomplishment and be one of the most innovative “renewable energy” projects in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Assuming we receive a funding award from the City of Gresham before the end of the summer, our expected start of construction would be in late October/November. We anticipate a 15-month construction timeline, which would mean we would begin leasing and moving people into units the first quarter of 2022.

One question presented by a neighbor was about sidewalks on 162nd Avenue and Holladay. As part of the requirements from the City of Gresham, we will be widening the street and putting in sidewalks and a planter buffer between the sidewalks and 162nd the entire length of the Albertina Kerr property (east side of 162nd). In addition, a sidewalk will be installed on Holladay from 162nd Avenue to the new entrance onto our property on Holladay (south side of Holladay).