Free Workshop! Naturescaping Basics: Sat, Apr 01, 2017 9AM-1PM

04/01/2017 - 9:00am
04/01/2017 - 1:00pm
Naturescaping Basics: Sat, Apr 01, 2017 9AM-1PM. Saving Our Streams. Info here!

Saving Our Streams

When: Sat, Apr 01, 2017 9AM-1PM
Where: Troutdale Police Station
234 SW Kendall Ct
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Learn to Naturescape

Naturescaping is the practice of designing (or redesigning) your landscape so that it reduces water use and decreases stormwater runoff while saving you time, money and energy. This introductory workshop introduces the core concepts of naturescaping, and also explores:

  • Pollution prevention through the reduction/elimination of chemical use.
  • How native plants naturally resist pests & tolerate drought conditions while attracting native birds, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators to your garden
  • Basic site planning principals, and many other great natural gardening & design tips.

Even if you decide to enlist the help of a contractor, youll have the framework to make decisions and effectively communicate the vision you have for your yard. Class will visit a nearby naturescaped project to see design principles in action. Youll receive a comprehensive workbook to help you get started.