Gresham's Hogan Cedar Trees

Hogan Cedar Trees


  • It is a unique form of Thuja plicata, the western red cedar, which grows naturally only in the Gresham area.

  • It has been recognized nationally as an important plant in horticulture.

  • The Oregon Association of Nurserymen's publication, 1999-2000 Directory and Buyer's Guide listed 13 commercial nursery producers of the Hogan Cedar. These are sold nationally. All of these trees trace their origin to a small pocket of trees in Gresham.

  • The original stand is worth preserving, it represents a unique and important gene pool.

  • The population center is located where Hogan Road meets Johnson Creek. These are wind pollinated trees, and the Hogan gene pool extends as a relatively continuous population of trees exhibiting the tall, dense, narrow Hogan form for about one mile from this population center.

Hogan Cedars

Hogan Cedars

Hogan Cedars

Hogan Cedars

Click here for a printable "Petition to Nominate the Hogan Cedar as Gresham's Offical Tree" that you can circulate to protect and preserve these magnificient trees!

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