How-to Report Graffiti


Graffiti effects everyone.
It damages our property, and it impacts our community.

Help eliminate graffiti by reporting it immediately!

To file a complaint or report graffiti:

  • Go to askGresham and click on Make a Service Request
  • Call Code Enforcement (24 hours) at 503-618-2463 or 503-618-3089 (graffiti)
  • Fax Code Enforcement (24 hours) at 503-618-2309
  • Email Code Enforcement at

Please provide detailed information stating the nature of the complaint, address of the property, and the nearest cross street.

Report Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles are reported to the Abandoned Vehicle Line (24 hours) at 503-618-3081 or through askGresham. Please leave location of vehicle, make and/or model, color, plate number, and state of registration.