Wilkes West Report Sep 2007


Wilkes West Neighborhood Report
Sep 2007

On Tuesday evening the 11th of September Ted Wheeler, Chair Multnomah County Commission spoke to members of the Wilkes Neighborhood Association and other guests.

He gave a summary of the Commission's primary responsibilities. Several of Portland's bridges, the libraries and safety services such as the jails, etc.

Presently a team from the Federal Transportation Agency (Engineers) is in Oregon to inspect the bridges in particular the Sellwood Bridge. This is in response to the recent bridge disaster in Minneapolis. He reported two (2) new libraries are planned, one (1) in North Portland & one (1) in Troutdale.

Chairman Wheeler indicated his priority list includes:

  • Safety (Wapato Jail)
  • Sellwood Bridge
  • Emergency Management
    * He has appointed a new director for this department.
  • A new Downtown Court House (They are looking at the property at the end of the Hawthorne Bridge in front of the Justice Center).

He is doing a crime study in conjunction with the City of Gresham's Blue Ribbon Crime Commission. Chief Carla Piluso is representing Gresham on his panel.
When asked about the Gresham Justice Center he indicated monies for the Gresham Justice Center have been committed. An announcement will be formally made in a month. Rockwood will be the site.

Wilkes Neighborhood Association meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Teamster Hall on 162nd Avenue at 7PM. Their speaker in October will be Jeff Cogen, County Commissioner.

Submitted by:
Kris Freiermuth, President
Wilkes East Neighborhood Association