2007 WENA Annual Meeting Highlights

Wilkes Neighborhood Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 27, 2007

I. Call to order

  • Brian Heerwagen called to order the annual meeting of the Wilkes neighborhoods Association meeting at 7:05 pm on Monday, August 27 at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 17405 NE Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon.

Calling meeting to order

Calling meeting to order
Brian Heerwagon

State of Affairs Brian Heerwagon

State of Affairs
Brian Heerwagon

II. Open issues

State of Affairs – Brian Heerwagen

  • Our Association is about the neighbors first and the organization/business second.
  • We have many specialists helping our neighborhood organization

How to adopt change

  • Neighbors first – get to know each other.
  • Doing something is better than nothing.
  • Encouragement to staring a neighborhood watches groups within WENA.
  • Get together, work together and make change happen.
  • Farm to the fences – make a difference not fighting over issues.
  • Crime – unity will show that we care and criminals will notice.
  • It will take time to change things.

Successful events

  • Potlucks – 3 times per yr.
  • Neighborhood clean-up
  • Garage sale event

Nadaka Fence Removal

Adela Genoves, Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator spoke about the removal of Nadaka’s Nature Park fence removal. There was quite a bit of discussion and many concerns were presented by neighbors.

Adela Genoves, Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator

Adela Genoves,
Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator

Ric Catron, Gresham Parks Planner

Ric Catron,
Gresham Parks Planner

Topics of discussion included:

  • Reasons for fence removal.
  • Open up park on the Pacific (north side).
  • Safety feature - additional exit points and escape route.
  • Add to the natural quality of the park by adding split rail fencing.
  • Enlist volunteers, scouts, to help.
  • Volunteers have done a lot of work on invasive species removal and replaced it with natural area plants. Split rail fence will add distinction of the park but appear more open and natural.
  • Neighbor Concerns - 4th of July concern for fire – In the past the park was locked and the split rail fence would eliminate that option.
  • Police activity – a resident was robbed and is concerned.
  • The city promised to build up the road many years ago with sidewalks, etc… Concern about foot traffic.
  • Youth hanging around the gate, not a police presence.

Why was the fence installed. What is the history?

Ric Catron, Gresham Parks Planner responded: Gates were installed in 1963, when it was used for camping.

People who walk in the neighborhood already come into the park (and would like the park to) feel more open. Send the message that we are involved in the park and there is a community involved, and bring light to a dark park.

The City of Gresham is not proposing the change, the neighbors are.

Survey proposed. It was decided that a survey should be conducted to gather input and make an educated decision. Residents were asked to sign the Nadaka Interest Sheet on the City Parks table.

Wilkes East website

Wilkes East's new website (www.WilkesEastNA.org) will deliver community information to our neighborhood residents. Neighbors are encouraged to use it. Thanks to Bob Lundbom for developing the website.

III. New business

Election of New Officers:

Kris Freiermuth

Kris Freiermuth
2008 WENA Chair

Kris Freiermuth, Brian Heerwagon

Kris Freiermuth 2008 Chair
Brian Heerwagon 2007 Chair

  • Chair: Kris Freiermuth
  • Vice Chair: Mark Thornsbury
  • Land Use Chair: Lee Dayfield
  • Land Use Co-Chair: Bill Stuart
  • Secretary /Treasurer: Daphne Mathew

Official By-Laws

Mayor Shane Bemis – Q and A

  • Q. Schools and EDU – How much input do you get from schools about vandalism, traffic, etc?
  • A. School resource officers are getting info from kids to city officials.
  • Q. Are we looking at high density housing in our area, and is Mayor Bemis addressing this?
  • A. It’s on everyone’s radar and it’s a very difficult subject.
  • Q. What are we doing about Illegal Aliens?
  • A. On the Immigration issue – it seems nobody is dealing with it. Mayor Bemis asked, Gresham Police Chief Carla Piluso to respond: We are all taxed and ICE is to be involved with immigration violations and high level felony crimes. Chief Piluso is glad to have an involved neighborhood. Mediation services can help with these issues, but the neighborhood concept is at the root of the solution.

City of Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham
Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham
Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham
Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis

City of Gresham
Mayor Shane Bemis

In closing, Mayor Bemis said, the basic concept of neighborhood watch is supported by the City and we are here to help and grow our neighborhoods. The city counsel wants to hear from you.

Neighborhood Faire

  • Each of the vendors for the Neighborhood Faire were introduced and all attendees were encouraged to gather information about available services.
  • Guests and Topics

    • Brenda Butler
      Neighborhood Watch
      Information concerning forming Watch groups in your neighborhood

    • Kathy Harrington
      Find out how to manage Graffiti<

    • Kelle Landavazo
      Map Your Neighborhood & Citizens Police Academy
      Emergency planning for our neighborhoods

    • Ric Catron
      Gresham Parks Planner
      Future projects for our Parks & Recreation

    • Adela Genoves,
      Parks & Recreation Volunteer Coordinator
      Nadaka Park Removal of fence

    • Tamara Driscoll
      Department of Environmental Service
      Come & find out about Freeze your Grease

    • Sandra Doubleday
      Transportation Planner
      Street Connectivity Study & Future Street Plan

    • Anndy Wiselogle
      East Metro Mediation Services
      Solving problems between people

    • Gresham Tree Preservation Committee
      The importance of Trees in our neighborhoods & in our lives

    • Johnson Creek Watershed Council
      Preservations & enhancement of this vital resource

    • Joseph Shockley
      Oregon Chapter of the American Red Cross
      Overall preparedness, disaster, fire, CPR, blood and platelet donation

IV. Adjournment

  • Brian Heerwagen adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm

Minutes submitted by: Daphne Mathew, WENA Secretary /Treasurer