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Rockwood businesses urged to participate in survey

Rockwood Business Coalition, 18709 SE Stark St, Gresham OR 97233, (503) 618-2899. Creating a unified voice for political, economic, and social issues for Rockwood businesses

Creating a unified voice for political, economic, and social issues for Rockwood businesses


September 24, 2008

Rockwood businesses urged to use their voice for change

All Rockwood businesses are being asked to speak out about their interests and concerns through a survey specifically targeted to doing business in Rockwood. The information from Rockwood businesses will be used to develop strategies to advocate for action on issues within the community, and to capitalize on the assets of being located within these boundaries. The Rockwood Business Coalition (RBC) is spearheading this effort.

Escalating illegal drug sales at Glisan Center hurting area businesses

Drug dealers outside ZLB Plasma Services impact Glisan Center businesses

Glisan Center
NE 162nd Ave & NE Glisan St

Drug dealers outside ZLB Plasma Services are driving away Glisan Center customers. Local merchants frustrated by the lack of help

Drug dealing rampant

Illegal drug sales outside of ZLB Plasma Services located at the Glisan Center 16225 NE Glisan St, continue to impact the surrounding businesses and their customers at this west Gresham shopping center. First reported in May, customers of DeLeon's Tortilleria Y Tienda have complained of drug dealers approaching them in the Glisan Center parking lot. Still, after numerious complaints to the Gresham Police little is being done to solve the problem. In fact, illegal drugs sales in the Glisan Center parking lot has soared.

Scary Ghosts, Goblin's and "my 401k"? Haunting signs of the time

Scary Ghosts, Goblin's and

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Scary Ghosts, Goblin's and

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Halloween hauntings 2008, Old fashion fun & current events!

Halloween is fast approaching and every day it seems more front yards are being bedecked in sticky spider webs, soaring witches and grinning pumpkins.

In light of this year's economic situation these neighbors near NE 140th Ave & E Burnside St have combined old fashion fun with current events to make their graveyard howl this Halloween. This year's new tombstones include my IRA, the Stock Market, the Economy, and my 401k!

Now, that's scary!

Milestones: Katherine Rubina Voge 1929-2008

Katherine Rubina Voge
Dec 11, 1929-Oct 11, 2008

Gresham resident Katherine Rubina Voge, 78, died Saturday, Oct. 11, in Clackamas.

Katherine was born Dec 11, 1929, in Heppner to Thomas and Lucybell O’Brien. She attended boarding school in Pendleton, graduating from St Mary’s Academy in 1947. She then attended beauty school in Walla Walla, Wash., and completed her course work in 1949.

On May 12, 1952, she married Warren Voge in Pendleton. They moved to Portland in 1962 and lived in East County for more than 40 years.

2008 INTEL-SOLV Clean & Green at Nadaka Park

2008 INTEL-SOLV Clean & Green event at Nadaka Park

2008 INTEL-SOLV Clean & Green
event at Nadaka Park

2008 INTEL-SOLV "Clean & Green"
event at Nadaka Park

27 Adults and 8 children braved the crisp weather to participate in the INTEL-SOLV Nadaka Clean-Up on Saturday October 11th, contributing over 110 hours of volunteer effort.

Lots of back breaking work was done, so you can now see from the walking path to the fence at Pacific Street and the homes along the way. A renewal of old friendships and new friends were made and another generation of volunteers learned the ropes of how to have fun and get a job done.

The project was supported by several Wilkes East Neighborhood (WENA) merchants

Get your Portland Home on HGTV!

Get your Portland Home on HGTV!  HGTV is looking for 3 lucky homeowners throughout the Portland Metro Area to feature on their new show Bang for Your Buck.  Sign-up here!

Have you recently remodeled a major room of your house?
Then HGTV is looking for you!

Hi, Wilkes East neighbors. Here's something that may interest you. We got this letter from Keri Grogan, who does casting for HGTV:

I work in the casting department for HGTV. We are excited to announce that we will be looking for 3 lucky homeowners throughout the Portland Metro Area to feature on our new show Bang for Your Buck. I was hoping that some of your residents might be interested in being considered for the show. We plan to be in Portland the week of November 17th

Nadaka Park Clean-Up yields new sign, fond memories

Volunteers clear brush, improve visibility

Volunteers clear brush, improve visibility, make new friends

2008 Wilkes East Nadaka Park Clean-Up improves visibility, yields new sign, many fond memories

On Saturday, July 26th the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association (WENA) held a cleanup at Nadaka Park clearing underbrush and lifting the canopy. The Gresham Parks Dept worked with WENA volunteers to advertise this event and provide the necessary tools (rakes, clippers, etc), as well as support staff. Over 35 people volunteered during the three hour event.

Gresham Urban Forestry Committee Seeks Advisory Members

Gresham Parks Logo

Urban Forestry Committee seeking two new advisory members

Gresham's Urban Forestry Committee (formerly Tree Preservation Committee) is looking for additional members from the community. There are currently 5 members on the committee and they would like to add at least two more.

This seven-member citizen advisory committee is appointed by the Gresham City Council. The committee advises Council and staff about tree preservation and recommends tree species for the City's street tree list. It recommends and updates the Significant Tree List, and provides public education on those issues including publishing an approved street tree list.

Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch: Observation Skills Video

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Crime happens fast!

Will you remember the details?

Watch this video

Don't Become A Victim

Bad guys are always looking for an easy target. Did you know that most crimes occurs in plain sight, without anyone being aware?

This "Observation Skills" video, recorded during a recent Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch meeting, can teach you simple techinques to help protect yourself! Watch closely as these neighbors are put-to-the-test. Did you see the crime occur? What did these neighbors observed and remember? Their responses just might suprise you!

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