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UPDATED: University of Oregon students to present Rockwood Town Center redevelopment plans: Dec 9, 2009 7PM

12/09/2009 - 7:00pm
What to do with the old Rockwood Fred Meyer site?  University of Oregon students to present Rockwood Town Center redevelopment plans: Dec 9, 2009 7PM. Info here
What to do with the old Rockwood
Fred Meyer site? Click to enlarge

Exciting news for Rockwood!

“Sustainable Suburbs” students study Rockwood catalyst site, will present six different approaches to redeveloping the Rockwood Town Center, Dec 9th 7PM

Members of the larger Rockwood Community encouraged to attend!

When: Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009 7PM
Where: Gresham City Hall
Oregon Trail Conference Center
1333 NW Eastman Pky
Get Map!

You are invited!

As part of the University of Oregon’s year-long engagement with the City of Gresham through its Sustainable Cities Year (http://aaa.uoregon.edu/sci/scy/), students from Professor Nico Larco’s Architecture studio “Sustainable Suburbs” have been studying the Rockwood catalyst site at 185th and SE Stark Street and surrounding areas, interviewing local stakeholders, and visualizing the neighborhood’s potential with sustainability in mind. At the December 9th Gresham Redevelopment Commission Advisory Committee meeting, students from the University of Oregon will present six different approaches to redeveloping the Rockwood Town Center.

UPDATED: Recent area changes and photos below.

Members of the larger Rockwood Community are encouraged to attend on December 9th and be a part of what promises to be an interesting and lively discussion.

UPDATE: November Nadaka Nature Park clean-up event draws large turnout

Nadaka Nature Park clean-up draws large turnout. Special event with Columbia Slough Watershed Council, Nov 14, 2009, sponsored by Friends of Nadaka and the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association, Gresham Oregon
Volunteers register for the event
Click to enlarge

Volunteers plant trees, shrubs. Fill 40-yard dumpster with invasives.

Columbia Slough Watershed Council, Concordia University baseball pitch in.

Perfect morning for the event

What started out as a small Nadaka Nature Park clean-up for Saturday, Nov. 14 soon became a large-scale event with 92 volunteers in attendance. Workers performed tasks involving the planting of 14 native trees, 65 shrubs and 170 small plants and herbs, as well as the removal of invasive species including ivy and blackberry bushes. Members of the Columbia Slough Watershed Council volunteered at this event and played a significant role in getting the Concordia University baseball team members involved in preserving this important 12-acre natural forest park located at 176th and NE Pacific just north of Glisan.

Owens Corning's Gresham Plant First LEED(R) Gold-Certified Insulation Facility in the United States

Owens Corning's Gresham Oregon plant becomes first LEED(R) Gold-Certified Insulation Facility in the United States
Owens Corning, Gresham plant
Click to enlarge

100% Green Energy Use.

Gresham facility demonstrates its commitment to sustainabilty.

Gresham Strikes Gold

Owens Corning's Gresham Oregon facility celebrated a golden achievement this Fall by receiving the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for new construction from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) (www.usgbc.org).

The LEED award recognizes superior achievement in design, construction and operation of green buildings. Owens Corning's Gresham plant is the only LEED Gold-certified insulation facility in the United States and one of approximately 203 industrial facilities in the U.S. that have been awarded LEED certification. The Gresham plant began operating in July 2009.

During a ceremony at the plant to celebrate the honor, Karel Czanderna, president of the building materials group, said, "Owens Corning is carrying out our commitment to sustainability today by focusing on three areas: greening our products, greening our operations and accelerating energy efficiency improvements in the built environment. This facility reflects all three components of that approach."

Rockwood might get their courthouse afterall. County votes for Rockwood courthouse (again).

County votes for Rockwood, East County Justice Center (again).  Finding funding for the multi-million dollar project still an issue. Read here!

County commissioners approve scaled-down facility,

Finding funding for the multi-million dollar project still an issue

Source: The Gresham Outlook, Thursday Oct 1, 2009
By Mara Stine

Rockwood might get their courthouse afterall

By a unanimous vote, Multnomah County commissioners approved moving forward with a plan for a new courthouse in Gresham’s Rockwood area Thursday, Oct. 1.

If built – and it is still an if as the county has yet to approve funding for the $17 million to $21 million project – the courthouse will replace Gresham’s old, single courtroom facility on Powell Boulevard. Get Map!

Because so many citizens signed up to testify – all in favor of the project – the 90-minute hearing ran over and two of the five commissioners had to leave for scheduled engagements before voting. But commissioners Jeff Cogen and Deborah Kafoury voiced support for the resolution before leaving.

Volunteer opportunities at Nadaka Nature Park. Join the effort to restore this urban habitat.

Friends of Nadaka invite you to join us in restoring our urban habitat at Nadaka Nature Park.  Info here!
Nadaka Nature Park.
Click to enlarge

Volunteer opportunities at
Nadaka Nature Park

Get your Green on!

Join us in restoring this
beautiful urban habitat.

Wilkes East Neighborhood has received a Metro Nature in Neighborhood grant for improvements in Nadaka Nature Park which requires matching volunteer hours so your support is needed and greatly appreciated. See you at the park!


  • When was the last time you visited Nadaka Nature Park?
  • Do you know Nadaka is located in the Wilkes East neighborhood?
  • Did you know there is a Friends of Nadaka group working to improve Nadaka?
  • Do you want to volunteer time - even 1 or 2 hours per month for Nadaka?


The entrance to Nadaka Nature Park is located at NE 175th Ave & NE Pacific St. Parking is curbside. Get Map!

Volunteer opportunities for Nadaka Nature Park include:

  • Organizing monthly cleanups
  • Removal of invasive plants
  • Planting native plants & trees
  • Removing graffiti
  • Writing a history of Nadaka Nature Park
  • Reaching out to organizations, businesses, churches, schools, etc. to become partners for improvements in Nadaka
  • Fulfilling Metro's Nature in Neighborhood grant which includes:
    • A new bench
    • Dog waste stations
    • Trash can
    • Purchase of native plants & trees, etc.
    • Expansion of Nadaka Nature Park onto the recently acquired Nelson property for a community garden, orchard, nature based play area, etc.
  • Art project on North fence
  • Handling registration at cleanups
  • Furnishing baked goods or drinks for volunteers
  • Donating funds for projects at Nadaka.

Join the effort!

Volunteers are critical for accomplishing these tasks. Volunteer time is also required for fulfilling grants. As you can see there are many tasks to choose from -- so volunteer for one, two, or more, and join our effort! Together we can make a difference!

Everything Columbia View Park. Neighbors pitch-in to help City care for the park.

Everything Columbia View Park. Neighbors pitch-in to help City care for the park. Info here!
Columbia View Park.
Click to enlarge

Gresham parks languish
as funds dry up.

Neighbors pitch-in to care for Columbia View Park.

Gresham $32 million behind in park maintenance

Because of lack of funds the City's Parks Department has only been able to mow the perimeter of Columbia View Park (See 'Related Content' below. Editor). Columbia View Park is located at NE 169th & NE Pacific Dr. Get Map!

Neighbors pitch-in

Neighbors who frequent the park have been picking up litter, mowing areas the City isn't, mulching around new trees, hauling debris to disposal stations and watering young trees that have been planted in the last couple of years. A big THANK YOU to these many volunteers.

How you can help

Some ivy is beginning to appear under the tree canopy areas and this needs to be removed before it spreads to the trees. This is something anyone can do anytime on their own. It is a good project to take your children to the park, teach them to identify ivy and remove it. This activity can be as simple as taking one grocery bag, filling it with ivy, taking it home and disposing of it.

Update: Community Paints Rockwood Bright! Meet the new Plaza Del Sol!

Rockwood Paints It Bright!  Meet the new Plaza Del Sol! Gresham, Oregon.  Click for info!
Volunteers paint the plaza
Click to enlarge

Splashes of Color
mark a new beginning!

Plaza del Sol comes to the Rockwood Cultural Marketplace

Rockwood, Sep 19, 2009
When Rockwood coverage happens its commonly due to negative events. So, we felt it was very important to share an amazing community building event that took place today in Rockwood.

Welcome Rockwood's Plaza Del Sol painting!

Plaza del Sol is one of several new interim uses being sited by the Gresham Redevelopment Commission on the Cultural Marketplace (former Fred Meyer store) property in Rockwood at SE 187th & SE Stark St. Get Map!

The plaza is the first piece of a recently approved interim use plan for the Rockwood Cultural Marketplace to transform the site with new sidewalks, paths, benches, a wildflower garden, play area, basketball courts, a food-cart area, and many other family friendly activities.

Using supplies donated by Parr Lumber and Miller Paint, volunteers worked throughout the day to paint the huge 13,000-square-foot “Plaza del Sol,” a colorful scale model of the solar system on the Southeast corner of the site.

Reynolds to rehire some laid-off teachers with extra funds from Legislature

Reynolds to rehire laid-off teachers with extra funds from Legislature

Finally some good news.
District receives additional $6.2 million in funding

Board votes $2 million to rehire teachers, $2 million for obligations. Places $2.2 million in contingency fund.

Reynolds board votes to spend added millions now, rehire teachers

by Betsy Hammond
The Oregonian, Thursday Aug 13, 2009

A unanimous Reynolds school board voted (tonight) to spend $2 milllion to immediately hire back laid-off teachers in order to reduce class sizes before school starts Sept. 8.

A standing-room-only crowd of teachers and parents applauded loudly.

Many had testified that students would suffer from a lack of attention and individualized instruction if the district stuck to its earlier plans to eliminate one of every four teaching positions and raise class sizes to 35 or larger at most grade levels.

Volunteers remove invasives, install new signs at July 2009 Nadaka Nature Park cleanup event

Volunteers remove invasives, install new signs at 2009 Nadaka Nature Park cleanup event sponsored by Friends of Nadaka and the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association, Gresham Oregon
Nadaka Nature Park

Great things are happening!

"Nadaka Nature Park" sign
and a new nature-based play area enhance the park

Volunteers remove invasives, create new play area

Approximately 25 hearty volunteers showed-up to the July 11th cleanup to help restore Nadaka Nature Park's urban habitat. Volunteers removed and disposed of wood waste, including invasive ivy, blackberries and holly, filling a 40 cubic yard drop box provided by the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association to capacity. Volunteers pitched-in to create a small nature based play area at the south edge of the park beside the meadow (photos below).

Nadaka gets a "sign"

Volunteers also installed a beautiful new "Nadaka Nature Park" sign at the entrance to park, and added "Friends of Nadaka" and "Wilkes East Neighborhood Association" to the list of groups contributing to park improvements on the Park Supporter's sign post (photos below). The signs, purchased by WENA through a generous grant from the City of Gresham, are a great addition to our wonderful park.

Cypress Park neighbors join-in National Night Out 2009

Cypress Park joins Nation Night Out 2009

Cypress Park neighbors send a message to criminals!

Residents join-in the 26th National Night Out

Neighbors gather against crime

The Wasco St. Neighborhood Watch (NE Wasco St. from 172nd to 179th) celebrated their first National Night Out "block party" Friday, Aug. 7, 2009 from 6PM-9PM. Two watch members took the initiative to prepare a flier invitation and others members distributed it.

Great participation

The block party attracted 40 members of the neighborhood, some who had never met. Conversation was fun and lively, one student performed magic.

The neighborhood potluck consisted of wonderful dishes from all families including Russian and Philippine cuisine. Everyone commented on what a great time it was.

An annual event

Wasco St. Neighborhood Watch plans to host an annual National Night Out block party each year.

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