Neighborhood Connections: Dec 2010

City of Gresham: Neighborhood Connections December 2010

Neighborhood Connections is a publication from the City of Gresham Communications & Community Outreach offering City of Gresham news, Public Safety information, Community Activities & Events, Training & Workshops, Volunteer Opportunities, and more.

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Gresham Neighborhoods listing

For more information, visit the Neighborhood Associations page at or contact Cathy Harrington at 503-618-2482, or email

Holiday Schedule for Garbage and Recycling Service

Garbage pick-ups regularly scheduled for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are held the next day. Trees may be recycled in place of your regular yard debris; cut in half if taller than 6 feet. Read more

Living Christmas Trees Good for Environment

After the holidays plant the tree in your yard, or donate your tree to the City's Watershed Division for planting in Gresham’s natural areas. Read more

Red Sunset Park Construction Project Starts

Over the course of the winter and spring, the City is installing larger pipes in Red Sunset Park to drain nearby neighborhood rain runoff into the water detention pond in the park. The park remains open for public use. Read more

Giving Gifts that Create Less Waste

Gifting an experience, giving tasty, home-baked foods and using reusable linens to wrap presents are a few green ideas to consider this holiday season. Read more

Property Crime Maps

Residents can now access current property crime data on the City’s web site. The crime information is mapped so residents can get a visual perspective of actual crime reports submitted. This data is updated monthly and also includes crime prevention tips and trends. Read more

We’re Updating Gresham's Transportation System Plan

What are your transportation options for accessing your work or the grocery store? Mobility options are one of the elements. Transportation Planning will address as it updates the City's Transportation System Plan. Learn how you can get involved. Read more

Help Volunteer to Survey Amphibians This Winter

Do you know what frog eggs look like? The Watershed Division is partnering again in January with resident volunteers to survey for and monitor our urban amphibians. We are looking for individuals, families and community groups to “adopt a site” and spend a few hours each month recording what species use your site for breeding, feeding, or just passing through. Read more

New MAX Station at Gresham Station

If you live or work near Civic Neighborhood, or just enjoy visiting to shop or eat at the restaurants in the Gresham Station shopping center, the new Civic Drive MAX station is a smart way to travel instead of driving alone. Read more

Did You Know? Wipes Clog Pipes

You can prevent blockage in your private sewer pipe, and the city sewer system, by not flushing wipes (diaper wipes, hand wipes etc.) down the toilet. Many cleaning products are labeled “flushable” or “disposable," but they often don’t dissolve or break down after being flushed. Read more

Volunteer as a Severe Events Driver

Be a life saver for older adults or those with disabilities! Help those in need in our community as a volunteer driver during severe events due to weather or other catastrophes. Read more

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