Urban Forestry Management, Comprehensive Planning meeting: Nov 10, 2009 6:30PM

11/10/2009 - 6:30pm
City of Gresham Urban Forest Management, Comprehensive Planning. Working together with nature. Info here!

Protecting our natural resources.

Urban Forestry Management
Comprehensive Planning
Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009 6:30PM

When: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009 6:30PM
Where: Gresham City Hall
1333 NW Eastman Pky
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Urban Forestry Management Plan, Comprehensive Planning info here www.greshamoregon.gov/udp/comprehensive-planning


The Urban Forestry Management Plan (Forestry Plan) project will evaluate urban forestry issues in Gresham and then develop a comprehensive, sustainable and integrated approach to tree management on both public and private property. Gresham’s urban forest is a complex system of trees and smaller plants, wildlife, associated organisms, soil, water and air that make up the green infrastructure within the city. While the primary scope of the Forestry Plan will focus on trees that are along streets and trails, around property, on buttes, and within parks and natural areas; it is also understood that woody shrubs and groundcover communities are an integral part of a healthy urban forest.

The Forestry Plan will assess urban forest health that includes urban tree canopy size, location, diversity and number of trees. The project will identify best management practices and effective outreach strategies that will promote the protection and expansion of the City’s urban forest. This may include developing forest canopy cover targets, Development Code changes and guidelines for future actions related to trees and other vegetation within Gresham.


This project is on the 2009 Council Work Plan. The retention of trees in wooded areas and the establishment of street trees softens urban development, minimizes surface and ground water runoff, filters noise and air pollution and promotes soil stability. The Forestry Plan will address these benefits and highlight how Gresham’s trees are an important natural resource, vital to livability and a strategic public investment for the community.


Development of the Urban Forestry Management Plan will be conducted in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Work Plan (July - Aug 2009)
    This phase involves planning the project, its phases and developing specific tasks, including a public participation plan.
  • Phase 2: Research & Analysis (Sep - Nov 2009)
    This phase will summarize the work necessary to create solutions to the problems identified in the Work Plan and from outreach efforts. It will identify any additional inventory, regulatory and analysis needs with respect to the urban forest.
  • Phase 3: Alternative Development & Selection (Dec - June 2010)
    This phase will involve establishing plan solution alternatives and evaluating the alternatives in light of how they address the stated goals and previously identified issues/concerns. Public outreach will be conducted to review the alternatives and work toward a preferred alternative or alternatives.
  • Phase 4: Code Amendments (July - Dec 2010)
    Community Development Plan Code amendments will be drafted to implement preferred alternatives. This will require public notice and public hearings before City Council approval. The Urban Forestry Management Plan will be developed in collaboration with the new Urban Forestry Subcommittee and the Natural Resources and Sustainability Committee.

Upcoming events*

  • Sep. 29 Community Workshop
  • Nov. 10 Natural Resources & Sustainability Committee Work Session
  • Dec. 8 City Council Work Session 2010
  • Jan. (TBD) Community Workshop May 11 Natural Resources & Sustainability Committee Work Session
  • June (TBD) Community Workshop The Urban Forestry Subcommittee meets the 3rd Monday of the month from 4:30 to 6:00

* Dates are tentative. Please check www.greshamoregon.gov/udp/comprehensive-planning for the latest schedule.


Contact Tina Osterink, Natural Resources Planner by phone at 503-618-2392, or email Tina.Osterink@GreshamOregon.gov.