Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; Jul 10th Construction Update

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham. Phase I; Jul 10th Construction Update. Info here!

Phase I; Jul 10th Construction Update
A message to our neighbors from Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr:


Well (it) may seem like it has been a bit since you heard from me and it has, but we are still at it. Had several major milestones of late:

Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; Jul 10th Construction Update; Residence facility. Click to enlarge.
Albertina Kerr, Residence facility.
Jul 15, 2014
  • The large equipment has come and gone from the construction site. The last crane was here this week to hoist the new mechanical system up on the roof of Subacute and then left campus. Which means if you were still hoping to see some big equipment the time has passed. Still will have some medium sized equipment to site, especially when we pave, but the big exciting stuff is gone. Just one more shift towards getting done!
  • PGE and NW Natural have us roughed in at both buildings, so crews are now busily attempting to get all the mechanical units connected and working.
  • All the trenching around CI is complete and parking is back to normal.
  • We had a delay with some lighting fixtures but problem has been solved and lights are up.
  • All interior finishes have been selected and ordered.
  • Beginning to sheetrock and start finishes.
  • Plus getting ready to paint the exteriors.

A couple of things to look forward to:

  • Starting tomorrow (Friday 7/10/14) Subacute's temporary entrance pathway will be closed in order to pour the new sidewalk. There will be an interim temporary entrance to Subacute located on the north and west side of the building which has temporary way finding signage. It is on the North side of the gym and is a gate which has a voice activated radio attached to it for guest to announce themselves. This is just a 5 day scenario so is very temporary and then we will be back to our normal temporary construction walkway for a few more weeks until we are finished. But it will have a new sidewalk.
  • The construction trailer will be moving on Wednesday the 16th. It is shifting to the grass area along the tree line between the gravel parking lot and the CI parking lot. This move should be a quick and easy one and if we are successful in making it so you will more than likely just show up and it will be moved. So don't be surprised if that is the case. I have my fingers crossed that at least one thing will go as planned. Yes a girl can hope.
  • The team is still working on schedule. Right this minute, and yes it is changing by the minute, I would say that the best scenario is second week of August, worse case is around August 21st. Let's see just how close we can come to beating that best case scenario????
  • For now the parking plan remains in place.

Any questions, issues, concerns please just let me know.

Pam Krecklow
Albertina Kerr

Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; Jul 10th Construction Update; Subacute facility. Click to enlarge.
Albertina Kerr, Subacute facility.
Jul 15, 2014

More Info
For more info contact Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr, at 503-869-2596.


Construction on a new sub-acute care addition, and a new residential facility, began in March at Albertina Kerr Centers Gresham Campus, 722 NE 162nd Ave. Work on the project is expected to be completed in July.

The 6,000 square feet of new space, a new exercise area and parking lot improvements will allow the facility to serve approximately 25% more children and families.

Since 1997, Albertina Kerr Centers has operated a youth crisis psychiatric facility on its Gresham Campus.

The 24-bed facility has benefited over 4,000 children experiencing severe mental health challenges and their families over the past 15 years and is the only facility of its type in the State of Oregon.

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