Columbia View Keepers

WENA and the City of Gresham Parks & Recreation Dept believe volunteer participation is an essential part of community development. Through volunteer involvement you can help cultivate and preserve parks, trails, and natural areas in our neighborhoods. With this in mind the Parks Dept is organizing community groups to take ownership in their neighborhood parks.

A small group has formed calling themselves Columbia View Keepers and have agreed to volunteer in the Columbia View Park, a 7.48 acre undeveloped park located at 1050 NE 169th Ave and NE Hassalo St.

The Columbia View Keepers are seeking additional volunteers. Here's your opportunity to get involved! Volunteer task include:

  • Litter Pick-up
  • Removal of Invasive Plants
  • Install Native Plants
  • Remove Graffiti
  • Maintain Shrub Beds & Tree Wells

Your volunteer efforts do not require designatecd dates or designated times. You simply agree you want to be part of the Columbia View Keepers and will do any of the above tasks in your free time. As an example: You agree to simply walk through the park once a day, once a week, or once a month and check for litter. This might take 30 minutes. Keep a log sheet with your date & time, and the activity you did, and send it to the City of Gresham Parks & Recreation Dept, or WENA so the Parks Dept can track the volunteer work being done in our park!

This is a new program for the City of Gresham Parks & Recreation Dept and WENA, and a wonderful way for you to get involved in your neighborhood and make it a better place! So go ahead, volunteer!

For more information or to volunteer contact WENA, or email